The publication of the Moran Report poses more questions than answers a Fine Gael Senator has said.

Mayo Senator, John O’Mahony, said: “the Moran Report which was stablished to investigate alleged ticket touting at the Rio Olympic Games, confirms that corporate governance and democracy was non-existent in Olympic Council of Ireland.

“It seems that the OCI was driven by commercial considerations rather than  needs of athletes. We need to remember that the Olympic Games are an opportunity for our athletes to represent Ireland on the world’s biggest stage. Their needs should be the paramount concern of the OCI, not buying or selling tickets.

No applications were made by OCI for tickets in sports that Ireland was  expected to do well in, such as Boxing and Sailing. This beggars belief, and sums up what was wrong with this fiasco. The ticket seller appointed by the OCI as the report rightly says was 'not fit for purpose'.

In relation to the reporting process itself, Senator O’Mahony felt that greater  efforts need to be made to comply with Judge Moran’s requests for information.

He said, “Non-cooperation of many stakeholders with the notable exception of the OCI is highly regrettable.

“Reform of OCI is welcome; no sporting body in receipt of public funding  should be run in a ‘presidential style’. We need an OCI that is focused on developing our elite athletes and making sure that the conditions are in place for them to thrive at their respective sports. This must take place in an environment that is open and transparent,” the Mayo Senator said.


Conor Cresham